How to Maintain Furniture Upholstery

If you have a family with kids and pets, maintaining upholstered furniture can be quite a challenge. While fluffing the pillows and vacuuming it regularly can go a long way, keeping your furniture in tip-top shape will sometimes require a little bit more effort. 

Couch stains and pet hair are a part of everyday life. And while most people manage to keep their furniture clean on their own, relying on the finest house cleaning in Oakland will not only ensure your furniture always looks its best, but will also make your bathroom shine with appropriate products and help you keep your house clean if you work full time

Read on to discover some invaluable tips for keeping your upholstered furniture clean and fresh. 

How do you care for furniture upholstery?

Depending on the type of fabric, upholstered furniture may require varying levels of maintenance and care. If you have leather furniture, keeping it clean will be fairly simple. Here’s how you can take care of your leather upholstery: 

  • Vacuum regularly to get rid of dust
  • Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe it down 
  • Treat it with leather conditioner once or twice a year
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe all spills immediately
  • Use cleaning products that are suitable for leather

All types of upholstery need proper maintenance if you want your furniture to last a long time. One tip that goes for all fabrics is to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid damage and fading. 

Can you wash upholstery fabric?

Parents and pet owners seem to encounter the most trouble when it comes to caring for their furniture. Spills and dirt are unavoidable if you have little kids and your furniture is usually where the vast majority of accidents happen. 

Pets also come with a whole set of cleaning challenges. Keeping a clean house with a shedding dog can be a nightmare and feline friends aren’t much better in this regard, even though cats are considered to be clean pets

In these cases, washing upholstery fabric every once in a while seems to be the only way to keep it spotless. However, not all fabrics are machine washable. Make sure to check the label for the care codes before washing your upholstery: 

  •  “W” means that you can use only water-based agents and brush and vacuum only when the fabric is dry. 
  • S” indicates that you should use mild solvents and dry-cleaning products which are water-free. 
  • WS” means that you should use either solvent and upholstery shampoo or water-based mild detergents. 
  • X” indicates that the fabric should only be vacuumed or brushed lightly or professionally cleaned.  

How do you maintain a fabric sofa?

When compared to maintaining leather upholstery, keeping a fabric sofa in good condition may require a little bit more effort and care. Fortunately, you can ensure your sofa always looks brand new by using the following tips: 

  • Protect the upholstery by applying a fabric-protecting finish after you purchase the sofa
  • Use only non-toxic cleaning agents specifically made for your type of fabric. 
  • Deal with stains and spills the moment they happen by blotting gently with a towel 
  • Brush and vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt from the fabric

If you have a family with small kids and pets and haven’t yet purchased your sofa, it might be a good idea to consider buying more durable materials that are easier to clean. Spills are bound to happen and having leather or vinyl furniture can save you a lot of hassle. 

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