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Are you a seasoned house cleaning professional who wants to make a difference? Are you a working mom who is confident in her skills and loves delivering high-quality cleaning services to her customers? Then you may be exactly who we’re looking for! Become a member of the Mythical Maids crew and help us on our mission to make homeowners in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco happy with their clean and healthy homes.

Are you a house cleaner who needs help filling out their schedule?

Here at Mythical Maids, it is our mission to match as many customers as we can with unparalleled home cleaning services and that’s why we’re looking for motivated, dependable and knowledgeable cleaning experts to make that possible. If you enjoy coming up with new ways to make your clients’ lives easier and are looking for more work, reach out to us and we’ll do it together!

“How do I find good part-time jobs near me?” Here’s what we’re looking for

Are you a house cleaner searching for part-time house cleaning jobs in Berkeley, Oakland or San Francisco who’s passionate about their work? Are you proud of your meticulousness and attention to detail? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and share your love of cleaning. We’re looking for experienced, trustworthy individuals who know exactly what they’re doing and never fail to deliver squeaky clean homes to their customers, enabling them to relax at the Berkeley Marina. If this sounds like you, we’d love to get in touch and see if we can team up to deliver the highest quality of cleaning service that will truly delight homeowners across the region. We never want to stop growing and that’s why we always need extraordinary professionals to help us!

Why Mythical Maids?

Clean and Have Fun While we do greatly value dedication and professionalism, we make sure that working with us is never dull!

Excellent Rates Since we know how hard the cleaners in our team work, we do everything in our power to ensure they can support themselves and their families.

Flexible Schedules With Mythical Maids, you can work at your own pace. You’re free to set your own schedule and better meet your family and personal needs.

Great Work Environment Mythical Maids goes to great lengths to make sure that every single cleaner who joins the crew is taken care of and surrounded by like-minded people.

Always Here for You Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any doubts or questions you may have. We’ll always listen carefully to what you have to say.

Our Clients Trust Us We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we build with our clients. They love the services we provide them with and repay us with unwavering loyalty and trust.

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High-powered part-time house cleaner jobs in Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply today and we’ll give you a call to discuss your cleaning experience and style: which products you use, how you typically clean certain areas and what a perfect clean means to you, etc. Since we strive to work only with cleaners who are trustworthy and have pristine records, our vetting process will also include thorough background and reference checks. Once we’ve made sure that’s in order, we’ll send you on your first cleaning session where you’ll be able to prove your skills and make the client happy. If you succeed, you’re officially a member of our team!

How to become a house cleaner

If you think your cleaning skills are so good that you could become a pro, you’re probably wondering how you can start your own cleaning business. As with any other endeavor, you need to start with research. If you live in Richmond, Antioch, Concord and the neighboring areas, look up “part-time housekeeping jobs near me” to get an idea of the available cleaning business options in your area and get to know your competition. Next, come up with a business plan: do you plan to have more employees, how you will fund your business and what your marketing plan will be. However, before you take any of these steps, you need to check the licensing requirements and other state regulations.  

Do I need a license to clean houses?

If you’re cleaning for a family member for a small fee, you won’t need a license. However, if you intend to have more clients and be paid a set rate for your work, you’ll need to be properly licensed. The kind of license you will need for your cleaning business will depend on the state you’re in. Some states will require you to have a regular business license, while some will require a specific cleaning business license. Either way, running a licensed business will enable tax tracking and grant funding, as well as getting surety bonds and license bonds for your business.  

How do you become a licensed house cleaner?

Once you’ve researched the relevant rules for your state, visit your local municipal government and check whether you fulfill the requirements to start a cleaning business. If everything is in order, you’ll need to fill in the necessary applications, pay the fees and wait for your license. In most states, you’ll also need to file a “Doing Business As” (DBA) if you intend to use a different name for your business.