Top Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Living with a dog is a wonderful experience in many respects. There’s nothing like coming home to a wagging tail and a tongue lolling out. Still, there is one thing that is definitely not easy for dog owners and that is keeping their dog-friendly home clean

Whether you’re trying to maintain a clean home with a cat or a dog, you’re probably looking for some tips to keep all the pet hair in check. Look no further! The leading home cleaning in Oakland, CA will be more than happy to help you with your pet-friendly home. Read on! 

How to keep your house clean with a dog

Keeping a dog-friendly home smelling and looking fresh is no easy task. As all pet owners know, dog hair, dirt and even kibble can end up in the strangest of places. Read on to discover some useful tips for keeping the mess in check.  

Groom your dog regularly

A dirty dog means a dirty home. Keep the dog cleaning area confined to one room with a floor that’s easy to clean and wipe the dog down with a damp towel after each walk to stop the dirt from spreading throughout the house. If you have a breed that sheds, make sure to brush your dog regularly and go to a professional groomer as often as you can. 

Clean up accidents quickly

Accidents happen, especially if you live with multiple dogs. If you want to prevent bad odors, make sure to react immediately in case of one. Enzyme-based cleaners work best for minimizing unpleasant smells. Just don’t let the mess linger. 

Wipe paws at the door

Stopping mud at the entrance to your home is key if you want it to smell fresh. Place a durable doormat by the door and have a water spray bottle ready with some dog wipes and towels to clean dirty paws after every walk. 

How to keep your house smelling clean with a dog

Even if you don’t mind your dog’s smell, your friends might not be as immune. If you want to make sure your home doesn’t smell like a proper kennel, try the following tips and tricks: 

  • Wash your dog’s stuff every week. Toys, blankets, beds, collars and dog clothes get smelly really fast. Wash them at least once a week to eliminate odors. 
  • Purchase an enzymatic cleaner. Enzymes are your friend when it comes to ridding your home of dog smells and removing stains from your couch
  • Remove smells with vinegar. Mix some laundry soap with vinegar (¼ cup) and use it to wash pillowcases, bed coverings, curtains, etc.  
  • Absorb odors with baking soda. A great trick for cutting down on bad smells is to keep a bowl with baking soda out in the places where you keep your dog’s stuff. 

How to keep a clean house with a dog that sheds

Pet hair is probably the most annoying aspect of living with a dog. It will end up everywhere, no matter how much you try to contain the problem. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to deal with dog fur in your home: 

  • Use a top-quality vacuum: a good vacuum cleaner is a must for any dog owner. You’ll need great brush action, strong suction, and a high-quality filter to get rid of the hair. If your dog is a serious shedder, you should vacuum every day. 
  • Use lint rollers: keep multiple lint rollers handy around your home for quick clean-ups. They are great for picking up even the tiniest dog hairs from your furniture and clothes. 
  • Clean the floors daily: we know, you probably don’t have the time to vacuum and mop the floors every single day, but a quick sweep and mop action can do wonders for getting rid of dog hair. 
  • Brush your dog: make sure to purchase a quality dog brush and maintain a steady grooming routine. If your dog has an undercoat, get a suitable undercoat rake and take your dog to a groomer whenever possible. 

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We all love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with bad odors and dog hair flying everywhere. Luckily, professional house cleaning services can help you have enough time to live your life to the fullest while having a clean pet-friendly home! 

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