Living with Cats: How to Keep the House Clean

Every cat owner knows the joys and struggles of living with a feline all too well. Most would probably say that cat ownership is a well-balanced experience: no amount of hair and scratches can outweigh the fun times your feline friend provides you with on a daily basis. 

Still, maintaining a clean house with a cat is definitely not easy. While keeping your home clean with a dog may be slightly more challenging, cats still shed no matter how much they groom themselves. 

Living with a pet can certainly make it hard to stay on top of housework. That’s why relying on the leading house cleaners in Oakland is always a good idea. They’ll not only help you keep the pet hair in check, but will also make your kitchen shine and clean your living room in no time.     

Are cats clean house pets? 

Cats have a great reputation when it comes to cleanliness. And that’s no wonder when you take into account the fact that a healthy cat will spend up to 50% of their day self-cleaning according to Western University of Health Sciences.

However, while cats may be cleaner than some other animals, their skin and feces can be home to an array of harmful bacteria and parasites. What’s more, unneutered male cats are likely to spray urine outside of the litter box to mark their territory, leaving a nasty smell behind. 

How do I make my room cat-friendly?

Cats love their space and are sure to have their own different ideas about using it. They’ll jump anywhere they can reach and crawl into tight spaces, the tighter the better. Still, even though your cat may come up with all kinds of ways to have fun, you may want to make your kitty happy by making your home cat-friendly. Here’s how:  

  • Buy some cat shelves, trees or perches to create vertical space
  • Provide your cat with a cat cave they can crawl into and hide
  • Have more than one litter box and keep them smelling fresh 
  • Install scratching posts at their favorite places in the room

How do you keep your house clean with cats?

Cats are lovable creatures, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t deny the fact that living with a feline friend can make it hard to keep your house clean and tidy. With all the cat hair and the odor that your cat leaves behind, maintaining a fresh-smelling home is sure to require a little bit more work. Read on to discover some useful tips for keeping your cat-friendly home clean! 

Brush your cat often

Despite the fact that cats spend so much time grooming themselves, their hair is likely to end up everywhere around your house. And we mean everywhere. On your carpets, furniture, and curtains and on all of your clothes. The only way to contain it is by brushing your cat regularly. This way, you’ll have less hair on your floors and couch and you’ll reduce the number of hairballs your cat coughs up. 

Maintain the litter box properly

A well-kept litter box is key for eliminating the unpleasant kitty litter smell. You should scoop the box at least once a day and replace the kitty litter entirely every two weeks. When renewing the litter, make sure to give the box a good scrub with water and dish detergent. The location of the box is also very important. Find a spot away from your kitchen and living room that your cat seems to like and try to avoid placing the box on carpets and similar surfaces.  

Vacuum and dust regularly 

If you want to contain stray litter and cat hair, you need to have a good dusting and vacuuming strategy in place. Getting a high-quality vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to reduce allergens, dust and cat dander. It’s also a good idea to purchase a hand-held vacuum. Either way, make sure to vacuum and dust your home at least once a week.  

How do you keep a multi-cat house clean?

One cat can make it hard to stay on top of housework. Multiple cats can make it seem impossible. Luckily, maintaining a clean house with multiple cats doesn’t have to be that hard if you use the following tips: 

Hire the foremost house cleaners in Oakland and forget about the mess

While it’s certainly possible to maintain a clean home if you live with cats, you may simply not have enough time to focus on housework as often as you would like. That’s why professional cleaning services are the way to go if you want to make sure your cat-friendly home stays fresh and clean. 

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