Office Deep Cleaning: What Is It Exactly?

Every once in a while, your workplace will require a more comprehensive clean if it’s to stay optimally healthy and fresh. This is what professional cleaners refer to as an office deep clean. But what is office deep cleaning precisely and how often do you need it?

As an addition to their regular services, a reputable janitor service in San Francisco will typically offer a more thorough cleaning experience that keeps your work environment perfectly safe and healthy. Read on to find out what this type of service entails!

What is an office deep clean?

In comparison with regular janitorial services, an office deep clean is more comprehensive and time-consuming. The service usually includes detailed and demanding cleaning tasks that are rarely included in regular cleaning, such as:

  • Detailed cleaning of light fixtures and switches, as well as door handles.
  • Thorough carpet vacuuming using an effective HEPA-filter vacuum.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming blinds, windowsills, and drapes.
  • Cleaning inside and behind the fridge and other appliances.
  • Carefully sanitizing the toilets and other surfaces in the bathroom.
  • Dusting baseboards, ledges, and vents.
  • Disinfecting all kitchen surfaces with effective cleaning agents.
  • Sanitizing desks, monitors, and keyboards.

Is it time for an office deep clean?

If you are a business owner, you probably already know how important maintaining a safe and healthy office is and what benefits cleanliness in the workspace brings. But how do you tell if your workspace is clean enough?

While standard janitorial services are designed to maintain a satisfactory level of cleanliness in your office, they do not cover certain areas that may be inaccessible or harder to clean, such as the space under the desks or behind the fridge. If these areas are neglected, dust and dirt can easily accumulate. So, if you notice that there’s more dust in the office than there usually is, it’s probably time to have professional cleaners deep clean your work environment.

How Often do offices need deep cleaning?

In general, deep cleaning services are recommended every six to twelve months if you want to make sure your office space is immaculate. Of course, the exact frequency will depend on the number of employees and the type of your business. In addition, many business owners book deep cleaning services in special circumstances, such as important visits from business partners or after hosting an office party.

In any case, you should book office deep cleaning services every time you notice that regular cleaning doesn’t do the trick anymore or if you’re hosting an important event at your office.

Hire the top-tier janitor service San Francisco is proud of

A clean and fresh workspace is essential if you want your employees to reach their full potential and help you reach your business goals. Of course, you could try training in-house cleaners to handle the chores but only at the expense of a substantial amount of effort and time that could be spent on more important endeavors.

This is why hiring experienced maids for your office deep cleaning needs is the best way to ensure perfect cleanliness in your work environment. With the help of peerless cleaning experts, you’ll have all the time you need to focus on work or spend some quality time with your family at Baker Beach. Reach out to Mythical Maids today and enjoy your spotless office!